here are several myths and misconceptions about root canals that can cause anxiety and fear for individuals facing this dental procedure.

Root Canals are Extremely Painful: One of the most prevalent myths is that root canals are excruciatingly painful. However, modern dentistry employs local anesthesia to numb the affected area, ensuring that patients experience minimal discomfort during the procedure. Advances in technology and techniques have made root canals much more comfortable than they were in the past.

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Root Canals Cause Illness: There is a historical myth that root canals can lead to systemic illness. This idea originated from research conducted in the early 20th century, which has since been debunked and discredited. The myth suggested a link between root canal-treated teeth and various diseases, but there is no scientific evidence supporting such claims.

Pulling a Tooth is Better Than Getting a Root Canal: Some people believe that extracting a tooth is a better option than undergoing a root canal. However, preserving natural teeth is generally preferable for oral health and overall function. Losing a tooth can lead to other issues such as shifting of surrounding teeth, difficulty chewing, and potential jawbone loss.

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Root Canals Require Multiple Appointments: While some complex cases may require more than one appointment, many root canals can be completed in a single visit. Advances in technology and techniques have streamlined the process, allowing for more efficient and quicker treatment.

Root Canals Are Only for Severely Infected Teeth: Root canals are not only performed in cases of severe infection. They are also recommended for teeth with damaged or inflamed pulp due to trauma or deep decay. The goal is to save the tooth and restore its functionality.

Root Canals Cause Health Problems: Another misconception is that root canals can lead to health issues elsewhere in the body. The idea that a root canal can create a breeding ground for bacteria and toxins has been discredited. In fact, root canals are performed to remove infected pulp, preventing the spread of infection.

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It’s important for individuals to consult with Dr. Jenny Doerksen to get accurate information about their specific dental situation and make informed decisions about their oral health care.

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