Root canals

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Root Canals

Dr. Jenny Doerksen offers Root Canal Therapy to patients to save their natural teeth who have deeply broken or decayed teeth, abscessed teeth, or with damaged nerves.

What is Root Canal Therapy?

A root canal is a dental treatment option to save a tooth from extraction when the nerves of teeth become diseased or necrotic. When the nerve becomes infected or dies from deep crack/fracture lines, carious lesion, or trauma, root canal therapy is a treatment option to save the tooth instead of extraction. Root Canal saves the tooth by cleaning and removing the damaged nerves and bacteria from the infected root canal system. If a tooth is left untreated, the infected/damaged tooth can cause extreme toothaches, swelling and bone loss.

Benefits of Root Canal Therapy

  • Alleviating severe tooth pain by infection or inflammation in the tooth nerves
  • Preserving natural tooth and preventing the need for extraction
  • Restoring the tooth’s functionality for effective and efficient chewing and biting
  • Maintaining the natural appearance of your smile and functionality by preserving the tooth structure
  • Preventing the spread of infection to surrounding tissues and avoiding potential abscesses or complications

What is Involved in Root Canals?

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Myths About Root Canals

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